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crochet stylesheet questionaire
Whether you have been designing crochet patterns for decades, or even just a few months, you have heard that you need a style sheet, that is, a list of rules and guidelines that you set for yourself so that your patterns all have a consistent, professional appearance. What exactly goes into a style sheet, and how do you develop one of your own? In this extremely handy tool, designer/editors Elizabeth Green Musselman and Lindsey Stephens ask you all the questions that you need to answer in order to develop a strong style sheet.

Once you have received the document, check the boxes and fill in the text fields in this 17-page questionnaire, and by the end you will have a complete style sheet that you can give to your tech editor and use for own reference when writing patterns. If you ever want to change your answers, simply edit right inside the form and your style sheet is updated!

Issues covered in the Style Sheet Questionnaire:

-page design
-formatting, naming, and organization for your pattern sections
-sizing and measurement standards
-how gauge will be measured and listed
-chart and schematic styles
-which abbreviations and other pattern writing conventions you will use
-standard wording for material that will appear in each pattern (e.g., copyright section)
…and so much more.

Sent in digital format only. Intended for use on a desktop or laptop; the document’s interactivity is not functional on tablet devices.