Ready to take your crafting to the next level? Maybe you’re just starting out as a designer or maybe you’ve been at it for a couple of years now. I’m here to I help you avoid amateur mistakes so you can be a polished professional.

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My new e-book, Body Basics is now available! Discover the secrets you need to design fabulous knit and crochet garments that actually fit.

Special Bundle includes over 40 schematic templates.

Professional pattern writing requires a style guide

The Stylesheet Questionnaire for Crochet Designers is now available on The Lindsey Life! Developing your own professional style guide has never been so easy.


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Hi! I’m Lindsey. I’m a crochet and knit designer, technical editor, and teacher.

There are so many great classes out there, but sometimes you need information that is tailored to your specific needs and your specific level. I offer private classes and consulting on a variety of subjects that are relevant to today's industry professionals. Get answers to your questions on

  • pattern writing and pattern grading
  • garment design
  • how to become a technical editor
  • websites
  • making symbol diagrams and charts in Adobe Illustrator
  • mastering excel for efficient and accurate patterns


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