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Planning a bar or bat mitzvah is a memorable experience, and a great opportunity to get your craft on. There are so many crafty opportunities to infuse personal touches into bar and bat mitzvah decorations. In this post, I’ll share a treasure trove of crafty decoration ideas that I used for my son’s bar mitzvah. You can make any of these at home, or be inspired to create your own unique bar and bat mitzvah decorations.

Why it took so long to write this post

It’s been over 4 years since my son’s bar mitzvah. As I was making all the things I took extensive photos and notes, knowing I would want to post about these fun bar mitzvah crafts. I assumed we would have the bar mitzvah, I’d take a month to recover from all the insanity, and then I’d write up this post. My son’s bar mitzvah was in February of 2020. It was fabulous, all our family came in, and a month later the world shut down. I watched as my son’s classmates had their bar mitzvahs cut back and then cancelled. I could not, in good conscience, write a post about all the fun crafting we did for my son’s bar mitzvah while so many other families were going through this. That and huddling in a corner panicking about a global pandemic really killed my productivity. So, I waited. And waited. And waited. And here we are, 4 years later.

Bar Mitzvah Crafts and Decorations

Giant Hebrew Name Sign

Giant hebrew name bar mitzvah sign

One of the best decorations we had was my son’s name in Hebrew in giant shiny letters. It can be hard in the United States to find Hebrew letter decorations and items, but what happened to make this possible was totally kismet.
When I attended a craft trade show in Pheonix the year prior, I immediately spotted the guys walking around wearing yarmulkes. It turned out they were from They sell a wide variety of custom wood cutouts and pieces for crafters. We talked about my son’s upcoming bar mitzvah and they said they could send me custom size Hebrew letter wood cutouts that I could use for decorations.
The GIANT Hebrew letters arrived on my doorstep soon after. Have you ever seen a boy so happy?!

bar mitzvah boy with aleph wood cutout

Since the color theme for my son’s bar mitzvah was red and gold, I decided to paint them gold. You’d be shocked how many different gold paints are available on the market. Luckily, I had a friend with connections at Plaid Paints. They sent me a wide variety of gold paints to try.
I ended up deciding to use Plaid Treasure Gold paint.

Plaid Treasure Gold Paint

After painting the letters and letting them dry, we used 3M strips to hang them on the walls.

Dollar Store Bar Mitzvah Craft Candy and Nut Dishes

stem of a martini glass in process of being painted gold

I used the leftover gold paint to decorate some dollar store martini glasses to make candy dishes. Painting on glass can be difficult, so I just painted the stems and base.
Tip for painting on glass: Once you get the first coat to dry it will be easier. The first coat will provide something for the next coat of paint to “grip” onto.

Cricut Bar Mitzvah Craft Projects

I used my son’s bar mitzvah as an excuse to buy a Cricut cutting machine. I had been eyeing the machine for quite a while, and his bar mitzvah was a perfect excuse.

Decorative Vertical Photo Banner

I made a decorative photo banner to cover up the structural pillars in the room. When I priced out buying circular banners on Amazon it would have been over $50 for the number I needed. In order to make them with the Cricut I just needed some card stock, ribbon, and adhesive.

I decided to have both solid glitter gold circles and circles with cut outs for photos. For each banner, I used 4 large circles and one small circle at the top.
Decide on the number of circles for your banner.
Use your Cricut to cut out 9 inch diameter circles.
For the circles with photos, make an interior cut that is 5 inches in diameter.
Place 5×7 photos behind the openings and secure with tape.
Space the circles evenly along the length of ribbon. You will probably want one circle at the very top and one at the very end.
Glue the ribbon to your circles. Let dry. Hang where desired. I used a smaller circle for the very top of the banner, but you can use whatever size you would like.

Bar Mitzvah Selfie Signs

Bar mitzvah selfie signs made with cricut mitzvah man oy vey pass the rugelach

Yes, we had a selfie station. I knew we would need special bar mitzvah selfie signs. I could have used the Cricut to cut out everything, but I decided to buy the blank signs with sticks online. Then, I used the Cricut to cut out and apply the phrases to the selfie signs.
The bar mitzvah selfie signs said “Oy Vey”, “Pass the rugelach”, and “Mitzvah Man”.

BIG CRICUT TIP – When you want to apply vinyl lettering onto paper or cardstock, DO NOT use the Cricut transfer paper. It’s too sticky and will tear the cardstock when you lift it back up. I used Glad Press and Seal with great results. Press it down on the vinyl to stick, and it will easily release from the paper when you are done.

mazel tov sign with damage from cricut transfer paper

Hebrew Letters with the Cricut

Hebrew letters in Cricut design space

You can cut out Hebrew letters with the Cricut. There are a couple of ways to do this. First, Cricut design space has some Hebrew fonts you can buy to use in projects. You can use the design space software to layout the Hebrew text you want.
I went about it a slightly different way. Since I design crochet symbol diagrams and knitting charts, I have a software program called Adobe Illustrator. This is a vector graphics drawing program. I used this program and the Hebrew fonts installed on my computer to lay out what I wanted. Then I chose “transform to outline” and saved as an .svg file. I was able to import this into Cricut design space to cut out the letters and phrases I wanted.

Cricut Hebrew Initial Cake Topper

pound cake with Aleph cake topper on table with other baked goods and whisky. people dance in background.

You need desserts for a Bar Mitzvah dessert reception, so in addition to all the fancy stuff, I also ordered some pound cakes. In order to dress them up a bit, I made Hebrew initial cake toppers. You can easily make smaller versions to use for cupcakes.
Use the Cricut design space to layout the letter you want AND the reverse image of the letter. Cut them both out of cardstock.
Glue the two versions of the letter together with a toothpick or thin dowel rod between them.
Stick the Hebrew initial cake topper into your cake, and enjoy!

Cricut Hebrew Mazel Tov Candy Dishes

Square glass votive holders with Mazel Tov in gold sparkly hebrew letters.

For the dessert reception, I also made candy dishes with Mazel Tov spelled out in Hebrew. These candy dishes are actually votive candle holders from the dollar store! I cut out the letters in gold glitter vinyl and applied one to each dish. Altogether it cost less than $10 to make this set. This is a great budget party decoration.

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