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Use Stamps to Decorate Your Planner Without an Inkpad

Hi everyone!

I am working on my planner page for today and usually I decorate my planner page with stickers or little drawings but when I was at Creativation, I stopped by the Heffy Doodle booth and they gave me this cute stamp set. Like wouldn’t it be nice to decorate my planner page with stamps?

One small problem? I don’t really think I have an ink pad anywhere in my house. Really it’s probably like the one craft supply I’m missing. But that’s not gonna stop me. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna use pens that I already have from fiddling around with my planner and making it pretty and use those and apply those to the stamp to press it down.

So I am gonna start with this cute little robot dog. And I’ll just peel the stamp off. You can see the stamp is actually clear. And this is the ridged side.  I’m going to use this pigment pen from Sakura that I got. And I’m just going to kind of draw the ink onto the stamp.

And I’m just drawing it over the surface and rubbing it over the surface of the stamp until I have the whole thing inked up. Let’s keep that back up. I’m gonna turn it around. I’ll have my little robot dog near the top of my planner page and I’m just gonna press down with my fingers evenly. I’m not using a fancy stamp block or any fancy to tools. Just a stamp and a pen. And I’m gonna lift it up carefully.

Awesome! That is so cute. You know I want to add my little bleep bloop dog though. I want the heart. But I don’t want the heart in black. I want to try something different. So you know what? I got this from Faber Castell. It’s a gelato which is kind of like a pigment stick. And this one is called, let’s see, black cherry so it is like a nice dark purple. So let’s see.

You’re gonna find a raised portion to the stamp. Rub it with the gelato. I’m sure I could technically like take a brush to put the gelato stuff onto the stamp but I don’t have a brush near me right now. So I’m just gonna free hand it. And I’m gonna line up my little heart of love. Press down. Lift up. Boom!

And this is so awesome because when you decorate your planner page with stickers, you put out sticker and that’s it, it’s done. And you can never use it again.

But with the stamps, I can use them over and over again. I can now go and I can color in my little robot dog. I can just title my page. And you know what? Today will be a good day. This for me and I hope it is for you too.

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