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Sometimes, I forget how my crafty inclinations affect my family. Several months ago, when my daughter was bored, my husband came up with an idea. He challenged her to paint canvases as decorations for Pesach (Passover). Specifically, he told her to paint canvases depicting the 10 makkos (plagues). She LOVED the idea. Well, now Pesach is almost here. She didn’t get to paint all 10, but she painted a beautiful set of 6 canvases. Right now, I’m running a marathon of cleaning and cooking and shopping to get ready for the holiday, but I wanted to share my daughter’s artwork. I hope it inspires you to make some of your own, and to think of other crafty ways to celebrate the holiday.

What are the 10 makkos (plagues)?

Dam – Blood

The Nile river and all the water turned to blood.

plague of blood dam passover

Tzvardea – Frogs

Frogs, frogs everywhere. I mean everywhere.

Kinim – Lice

No explanation needed.
plague of lice passover

Arov – Wild Animals

Wild animals would attack.

Dever -Pestilence

The domesticated animals died.dead animal plague passover

Shehin – Boils

Also no explanation needed.

Barad – Hail

Not just any hail. This hail was simultaneously ice and on fire.
plague of hail passover

Arbeh – Locusts

Locust swarms.

Hosheh – Darkness

A darkness that became so heavy the Egyptians could not move.
plague of darkness hosheh passover

Makos b’Choros -Killing of the First Born

The first born of the Egyptians died. G-d passed over the Jewish houses which had been marked with sheep’s blood on the door posts.
plague of the first born passover

Have a chag kasher v’sameach (a kosher and happy holiday)!