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sticktogether sticker puzzle kids party

What is a StickTogether kit?

It’s like a puzzle poster, but instead of jigsaw pieces, you use stickers. Think of it as color-by-number, but with stickers.

Each kit includes a coded poster grid, a color key, colored stickers and instructions / suggestions for making your StickTogether experience a success. You can see how it works in this video.

Why is StickTogether better than a jigsaw puzzle?

No lost pieces. With a jigsaw puzzle, if you loose one piece, the puzzle is ruined. StickTogether kits have extra sticker squares so you don’t have to worry if a random sticker flies under the couch.

Great family fun for all ages. When you have kids spanning different ages, it’s hard to find an activity everyone can participate in. The 10 year old and 4 year old really can’t do much together. StickTogether is a great family activity because even the youngest family members can join in.

Easy to move. In theory, there are a lot of ways to move jigsaw puzzles if you need your table space. In practicality, none of them work well. That’s why I have 100 pieces of a solar system jigsaw puzzle all over my basement floor. StickTogether kits are so easy to move. Just fold up the poster and throw the pieces into the bag.

Easy to display. Mounting puzzles to display is a multi-day job. You have to apply messy adhesives, wait forever for them to dry, and then find a frame that just happens to be exactly the right size. StickTogether posters are ready to hang on the wall the minute you finish.

Where to Buy

Buy your kit online at the Sticktogether website.