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5 minute craft diy decorative button pushpin thumbtack

I’ve collected a lot of fun buttons over the years, and I really wanted to use them for something. I decided to dress up the cork board above my desk by making DIY decorative button pushpins. This is super fun, super fast, and super cute. A custom cork board with themed button pushpins would make a great gift.


Pushpins or thumbtacks (look for the kind with a flat top)

Decorative buttons with flat backs (no shank buttons)

Quick drying glue like DAP Rapid Fuse


Step 1: Remove any covering from the top of your thumbtack/pushpin.

Step 2: Apply glue to the back of your button.

Step 3: Stick the button directly on the thumbtack/pushpin and hold until set.

Step 4: Enjoy dressing up your decorative cork board with your new pushpins.

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