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Did you know you can crochet everything you need for a luxury travel kit? I didn’t realize it either until the other day. I’m taking a crazy early flight, so I posted on Facebook looking for advice:
stuck on an early flight Leaving my house at 3:30 am for a 6am flight is brutal. What can I do to still make it feel like a pampering vacation? That’s when my friend Pia from Stitches n Scraps came to the rescue.

She said she would answer my question ENTIRELY in crochet patterns. How cool is that?!
crochet a contoured eye maskHer first post was a link to her free contoured eye mask pattern. YES! I need to sleep on my flight.
crochet cookie pattern

Then she posted a link to crocheted cookies. Hmmm. I think I’ll take the real, edible kind. Good thinking, Pia!
free crochet afghan

Next, Pia suggested her beautiful free lapghan pattern. This will totally help me sleep through the flight in comfort.
crochet free pillow pattern
Finally, she linked to her free pillow pattern. I’ll definitely be comfy with this!

Take advantage of Pia’s patterns, and make your own super comfy crochet travel kit.