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quick and easy felt flowers

After buying some felt flowers to make napkin rings recently, I decided to start playing around with felt and to see what I could come up with on my own. These felt flowers are the perfect quick and fun craft for any age.

craft diy felt flower with button

Felt in a variety of colors
Coordinating small buttons
Coordinating embroidery floss and sewing needle
Pen or pencil
Safety pin (optional)

Step 1: Download and print out the free flower template.

The template comes as a pdf file. Just download it and print it out.
free download felt flower template pdf

Step 2: Cut out the templates. Place the template pieces onto the felt and trace around them.
trace the felt flower template

My daughter was so excited that she rushed straight for a giant green marker. I recommend using a pencil for a fine line that won’t show later on. If, however, your excitement gets the better of you too, just make sure to layer the flower pieces with any remaining marker lines facing towards the back.

Step 3: Cut out the flower pieces.
cut out felt flowers

Step 4: Layer the flower pieces with two large pieces behind and one small piece on top.

layer felt flower pieces

Each flower is made from two large pieces and one small piece. You can mix colors or not depending on the look you’re going for. When I layer the large pieces, I rotate the second one so that it’s slightly offset. This way the second piece doesn’t hid the first piece. crafty diy felt flower

Step 5: Use the embroidery thread to sew a button on the center of the layered felt pieces.
sew button on felt flower craft diy

Step 6 (optional): To make your felt flower into a pin, sew a few stitches in back over a safety pin.
make a felt flower into a pin

My local craft store was out of pin backs, so I opted for a safety pin instead. Sew down the half with the cap, as you’ll want the sharp pin half available to put through your jacket or shirt or tote bag.

craft diy felt flower with buttonHave fun making your flowers!