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felt floral napkin rings free diy craft guide
Kids love to craft. Sometimes things are so hectic that you don’t have the time to do involved projects with them. These felt napkin rings are the answer.

I was feeling guilty last month, right before Shavuos. I wanted to make something special with my kids for the holiday, but I also had to make 6 extensive holiday meals in the space of about 3 days. I decided to come up with a project that my kids could do 100% on their own. They could sit at the kitchen table, and I’d just talk them through the steps while I cooked.

In order to make this craft quick and easy for kids, I bought felt flowers at the craft store. If you have more time, then you can definitely make your own felt flowers first. I’ll be posting tutorials for making 5 different types of felt flowers in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime though, make a quick run to the store for a craft your kids will love.

1 sheet of brown felt
Felt flowers in assorted colors ( I used these from Jillibean Soup)
Craft glue (quick drying is preferable)
Pen, marker, or pencil

Step 1: Cut strips of felt.
ruler on feltBecause my daughter was doing this on her own, I decided to forgo the rotary cutter in favor of a simple ruler and pair of scissors. The width of a standard ruler is perfect for a napkin ring.

tracing lines on felt with a rulerShe traced lines using the ruler down the sheet of felt. The felt was a dark brown,  so I had her use a sparkly permanent marker to trace the lines. Then, she cut out the strips with a pair of scissors. The strips were about 12 inches long, so we trimmed them down to 8 inches.
craft felt strips
Step 2: Glue a flower to the center of a strip of felt.
glue the felt flowerUse your craft glue to attach a flower to the center of a felt strip. I bought a fast drying super glue, so my daughter didn’t have to wait long before we could proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Fold the strip of felt so that the ends overlap, and glue them together.
glue the felt napkin ring

After you apply the glue, press the ends together in your hands long enough for the glue to get tacky enough to hold them together. If you aren’t using a quick drying glue, then you can use a clothes pin or binder clip to hold the ends together while it dries.

Voila! My daughter made 8 napkin rings for our dining room in about 10 minutes. Super easy and super fun.

Did you make napkin rings? Let me know how yours turned out!