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The Crochet Hook Problem

I crochet significantly more than I knit. So you might wonder why I have about 5 times more knitting needles than crochet hooks. It’s because of what’s available in stores. You see, for years (or decades really) knitting needles have come with different styles of tips. Some have sharp tips to help when you need to manipulate loops in complicated lace patterns. Others have blunted tips. Those are great when you’re doing miles and miles of stockinette stitch in a split-prone yarn. I want my stitching time to be enjoyable, so of course I have a set of each. (Ok. Like 3 sets of each.)

Crochet hook heads can benefit from the same options. Dense tapestry crochet would be so much easier with a pointy head hook. It would help ease the hook into the tight stitch work. Conversely, a rounded head on the crochet hook would be a dream when you’re stitching with a splitty 3-ply mohair. Alas, crochet hooks have typically not come with the option of different head styles. Sure, some have pointier heads and some have more rounded heads, but they weren’t labeled that way. You had to examine every brand and try to find one that looked like it might work. And if the brand with your favorite style of handle didn’t have the right style of head? Well, you were just out of luck.

Finally an Answer!

kollage crochet hook review louet
That’s why I was so excited when I heard from Louet, the maker of Kollage Square crochet hooks. They have just launched a line of crochet hooks specifically available in both rounded and pointed heads. Huzzah! If you’ve seen their hooks before, you’ll probably recognize the distinctive square handle. The fine folks at Louet were kind enough to send me both a rounded head and pointed head hook to try out.

What I Think of Kollage Square Crochet Hooks

I used the new hooks to stitch up sample swatches for the Crochet 101 class I was teaching last month. I made basic single crochet swatches. I could definitely tell the difference when I switched between the pointed and the rounded head hooks. The pointed head hook powered right through the dense stitch work of my single crochet square. It made stitching so easy, that now I want to plan out all sorts of fun tapestry crochet projects. I’ve always avoided tapestry crochet because the tight stitches would make my hands hurt, but now that I have a pointed head hook, I know stitching them will actually be an enjoyable experience. In the meantime, I want to use the rounded head hook for some lacier projects I have in mind. I think it’ll really work well for some of my fuzzier yarns.

And that square handle? It was very comfortable to use. Despite the fact that my arthritis had been acting up, I didn’t have any hand pain while stitching. That was awesome.

You can get your Kollage Square crochet hooks directly from Louet or find them in a local yarn store near you. Have you tried them yet? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!