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Last year, we started planning my daughter’s bat mitzvah. I was filled with ALL the gushy maternal emotions: My baby is growing up; she’s becoming a young woman! *sob* *tears*

Her bat mitzvahwould be in January, and I told her that I would knit or crochet her anything she wanted for the occasion. We went on a massive hunt through Ravelry to look at options. There was a brief moment when she was leaning towards a granny square poncho, and I was silently thinking “Oh, please, no,” over and over again in my head. She finally settled on a lovely knit sweater called Jacqueline

knit sweater

Photo copyright Karina Liu

It was going to be perfect for the chilly winter weather. Since the pattern called for bulky yarn, I went ahead and ordered Classic Elite Big Liberty Wool. I’ve used the Liberty Wool worsted in other projects before and loved it. My daughter chose the Robin’s Egg Blue colorway.

Then my carpal tunnel hit, and life and stitching came to a screeching halt. I had trouble doing much crocheting or knitting at all, much less a whole sweater. The sweater yarn sat in a corner for months. The bat mitzvah came and went, and my daughter was a really great sport about the fact that I couldn’t make her sweater. I’m so blessed to have her as a daughter; she’s a kind, generous person. During some of my worst times of the carpal tunnel pain she would chop vegetables for me and generally help with all sorts of things around the house.

I had carpal tunnel surgery in March, and now that I’m pretty much back to normal I thought it was time to make good on my promise. My daughter and I talked, and since it’s going to be summer soon, she decided she’d like a throw blanket instead of a sweater. After more Ravelry searches, (G-d bless the Ravelry pattern search function) we’ve settled on the Cecelia Blanket Pattern from Berroco.

knit blanket

Cecelia Blanket Pattern by Berroco

I’ve begun stitching, and I really like the way it’s coming out. Yes, I am totally having daydreams about her passing this blanket down to my first grandchild one day. I’ve decided to make a few modifications to help make it larger, and I’ll be detailing those in my project notes on Ravelry.

It feels good to be fulfilling my promise to my daughter. Have you done any big life-cycle milestone projects? What did you make?