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BOOK: Crocheting on the Edge

AUTHOR: Nicky Epstein

Recently I received my reviewer’s copy of the new Nicky Epstein book, Crocheting on the Edge. It’s a very nice book that is going to have a special place in my library.

The front section of the book gives you the keys to success with a nice section on how to get the most out of the book. There are visual samples of the same edging worked in different yarns and gauges, so you can see how your yarn and hook choices will affect your results. It even includes a lovely section of crocheted edgings on knitted pieces. (Yes, crocheted edging look fabulous on both crocheted and knitted pieces.)

The edgings are broken down into subcategories of ribs & bobbles, ruffles, flora, fringes, and points & scallops. With so many edgings in the book (more than 200) it really useful to have them grouped this way. You can find an edging that matches (or contrasts) with the main fabric of your project. As I flipped through I found myself thinking of this book as almost a stitch dictionary of edgings.


There are helpful symbols next to each edging to show whether it’s worked bottom-up, top-down, or side to side. That makes it super easy to find an edging that’ll work smoothly with the construction of the piece you’re making. I also LOVE the fact that the book has crochet symbol diagrams for the edgings in addition to the written instructions. As a visual learner, I find symbol diagrams to be so useful.RufflesVest_079

The floral and lace edgings really steal the show. These are the details that you can use to turn a plain double crochet shawl into something truly magical. I almost feel like it’s a disservice to just call these edgings- they should be called “stunning focal points” or just “oh my gosh wow”.pinkT floral_061

Crocheting on the Edge also has a nice assortment of textured and solid edging patterns. With all the “wow” factor from lace it’s easy to forget the wonderful possibilities available with texture.

It’s hard to look at all those gorgeous edgings and not want to grab your hook and yarn. Crocheting on the Edge includes several patterns for jackets, vests, shawls, scarves, and more. Whether you want to make one of the provided project patterns or use the edgings on your own fantastic designs, you’ll find this book to be a valuable addition to your crochet library.