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Ah, the day after Thanksgiving. I can practically hear the beginning strains of the William Tell Overture as people prepare to converge on their local shopping centers. If you’re shopping for yourself, or for a fellow knitter and crocheter, feel free to check out some of these sweet deals online. (You should also feel free to hint liberally, by sending a link to this post to your family with a note like “I would love any of these!”)

Craftsy – The online hub for craft classes is having major sales on both classes and crafting supplies. I bought myself a quilt top kit.

Knitters or Crocheters Tool Tins by The Sexy Knitter – I have one of these and it really is amazing. In fact, they’re going to get a whole blog post to themselves later this month where I talk in more detail about how awesome they are. You can get 30% off your entire purchase when you use the code, “CyberSexy2014” during checkout.

10432101_10152628590829051_2788356535826884503_nProject Bags – Any stitcher would love a project bag. I have project bags from Ocean Patch, Zigzag Stitches, and Chicken Soup Designs. I love them all.