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I’ve done some yarn shopping lately…..ok I’ve purchased a lot of yarn. In trying to get the best bang for my buck, I’ve realized that I kind of have qualifications that must be met in order to buy yarn from a company.

1. They yarn should be well spun. I have had yarn where, midway through a project, you come upon a strand that is more a slub or tuft of wool than actual yarn. Knots I can forgive. Bad spinning, I can’t.

2. Good dye job. If your yarn bleeds, I will not buy from you again. I started on a scarf with new yarn from a new company once. It turned my hands blue. Never again. On the other hand, if your yarn colors are gorgeous and the color stays on the yarn and not me, that’s fantastic. I’ve also seen yarn where one spot in the skein is white because it didn’t go into the dye bath all the way. Really? I love tonal yarns but only where the tonal part is intentional. Otherwise it just looks shoddy.

3. Be nice to me. If I’ve met you at a trade show, and you’ve treated me like dirt or been rude, I’m not going to buy your yarn. If I’ve met  you, and you’ve treated me nicely and been friendly, even if the business deal didn’t work out, then I’m happy to buy your yarn.

I’m probably coming across as snobby here. Let me clarify that I’m always happy to give the benefit of the doubt (especially with number 3; we all have bad days). But if you consistently break these rules, I will not be purchasing your yarn.