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As I teach people to crochet for the very first time, I’ve found these 3 P’s to be incredibly important:3 ps of learning to crochet

Practice – It may be a cliche, but practice really does make perfect. When you crochet, your two hands have to work together in a way they haven’t before. You have to practice and practice to build the new muscle memories that crocheting requires.

Patience – This goes hand-in-hand with practice. You need the patience to keep practicing. Even if you don’t typically consider yourself to be a patient person, you can still do it. Patience doesn’t mean crocheting for 10 hours at a time. When you want to stop, you can stop. Patience means you pick it back up again. Patience means you hit a snag, and you still give it 5 more minutes. Patience means that, just because it’s not easy, you don’t give up.


Pride – Be proud of what you are accomplishing. I often point out to my students how their stitches are becoming more even, they’re able to maneuver the crochet hook more smoothly than before, and how they’re learning to be able to correct mistakes on their own. People tend to overlook these milestones, but they should be a source of immense pride. You’re learning! You’re getting better! Way to go!

Did you use these 3 P’s when learning to crochet? Have you taught others to crochet?