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One of my most recent projects has been a beaded knit hat.

knit beaded hat

A sneak peak at the hat.

When working with beads I need something to spill them out into- the tubes they come in are too narrow to be able to get the beads out easily. I used the lid to my Lavishea lotion bar tin. It worked really well.

I decided I wanted to add beads to the hat as I went instead of prestringing. To do this, you slip a bead onto a tiny steel crochet hook and use the hook to pull the loop of yarn through. Because of the yarn weight and bead combo I tried, this didn’t go too smoothly. In fact it was a huge pain. When the loops of yarn weren’t sliding through easily I started rubbing a little bit of my Lavishea lotion bar on my finger and then rubbing that on the loop of yarn. 9 times out of 10 it helped the loop slip through the bead. And the other time? Well, I didn’t mind so much because everything smelled so nice!

lavishea lotion bar knitting

This is the kind I have. The yarn bar with a fantastic almond scent. (Photo courtesy of Lavishea)

I love my navy blue hat, but I’m reworking the pattern a bit before I release it. First, I’m having another made in a different yarn weight with different size beads. When I do release the pattern, I want it the process of adding beads to be a lot smoother. My friend is also making a sample of the hat without beads, so you can see the patterning.

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