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Even though I’m a teacher, I’m still learning. Here are some things I’ve learned over the passed couple of weeks:

There are good people out there. I ordered a new refrigerator shelf from ebay seller aaapplianceparts. They sent me the wrong one. My husband said to consider my money lost, but when I contacted them they immediately apologized and sent out the right shelf the same day.

There are people who make HUGE mistakes out there. Trendsetter Yarns. Wingspan. Enough said- although you can read it all here if you want.

Yarn bowls are subject to possession by evil spirits. Okay, it’s not really possessed, but my yarn bowl has been “pinging” for over a week. This one is going to get it’s own blog post.

The warning signs for heart attacks in women. A lovely blog post interview by Lorna’s Laces with designer Andi Smith who recently had a heart attack.