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The following is from my friend, Laura, a pastor and avid knitter:

As many of you know, I am a pastor in Bethel, CT, a town on the border of Newtown and Sandy Hook. At a meeting of UCC clergy this morning, we heard about the amazing response of people around the world. It has truly been overwhelming.

The outpouring of support has created a dilemma however. There are so many donations pouring in that the various aid agencies and faith communities cannot handle them. Rather than providing comfort they are adding to the burden of those dealing from this terrible tragedy.

And so they are asking the following- please direct your donations of toys and other items to children in need in your community ( or one of your choosing) in honor of the 20 children who have died. The people of Newtown and the surrounding areas are aware that there are many children in need of love and comfort, not just ours. Your gift in their honor will be a fitting tribute to Sandy Hook’s children and bless another as well.

By all means- post information about your gift and where it went. Blessings on all of you!