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Well, today is the first Monday of December, and I feel like a horse at the starting gate of a race, pawing at the ground. There is something about the very last month of the year, with all of it’s holiday and shopping nuttiness that gets the energy flowing. The large cup of coffee doesn’t hurt either. I’ve got projects to finish and new projects I look forward to starting. If you want to add some knit or crochet fun to your December, try one of the following ideas:

Cookie baking is big this month. Try crocheting or knitting some cookies for a cute, calorie free treat. You can even stuff them with star anise or cloves (in a little stocking bag) to make a lovely scented sachet.

Gift giving can be fun, or it can go a bit overboard. Make a donation to charity – either money or a handmade item- to spread the love even further.

Social calendars tend to be packed this month. Take some time to stitch up the perfect necklace, bracelet, or earrings to match that party dress.