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Seeing as today is Halloween, what if your favorite horror films got a knit and crochet makeover?

Alien – Instead of aliens popping out of people’s chests, it’s a swarm of wool-eating moths! Noooooo!

Halloween – Michael Myers isn’t a homicidal maniac in this version. Instead he sneaks around undoing people’s knitting and crochet projects. The worst scene is when he gets a hold of the shawl made of 8 skeins of lace weight yarn- with bead work.

Dracula – The only thing that can kill this master vampire is a US size 9 wooden knitting needle through the heart.

Jaws – Instead of a shark it’s a toddler with scissors sneaking up on people’s crochet projects.

The Excorsist – A possesed girl spends all her free time and money buying yarn…this one hits a little too close to home.