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Want to teach a child to knit or crochet? Have a child who wants to learn? These are the big three issues to consider:

1. Motor Skills / Manual Dexterity – Knitting and crocheting involve several precise hand movements going on at the same time. This is why kids are generally in the age 6 to 8 range when they are ready to learn. If a younger child shows interest, consider showing them how to finger knit or finger crochet.
2. Patience – To knit or crochet, and to get good at it, requires practice. Practice requires patience. This varies from child to child. One tip I’ve seen is to make practice rows no more than 8 to 10 stitches wide.
3. A Teacher – Some kids would love to learn, but have no one to teach them. If you can, consider volunteering to teach a kid- whether at your local school or just a neighbor or friend.