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Ah Rhinebeck…it is a wonderful thing. Even dragging two sleep deprived children around the fair grounds, we all managed to enjoy ourselves.

I’ve been wanting a nostepinne* for a while now. I saw several large ones on display, but I really wanted something more petite. I remembered that last year I had purchased a lucet** from The Rouge Lucet booth. I stopped by their booth again, and sure enough, they had nostepinnes. I picked out a lovely little black walnut number. I’m going to keep it in the pencil cup on my desk for those times I’m not in the mood to use the swift and ball winder.

As far as yarn goes, I picked up two skeins of yarn. One was a mini skein over at the Miss Babs booth. It’s Hues Hand-painted 3 ply Merino in Cloak. The other yarn I picked up was Bugga from Cephalopod Yarns in the Horseshoe Crab colorway. I love the greens in this, and I think I have an idea for it already.

Photo Oct 21, 3 46 44 PM

My kids were allowed small purchases of their own. My daughter picked out a little fleece snowman (or snowgirl). My son actually wanted yarn. He picked out a mini skein from Miss Babs too (Yummy Toes in Shaken not Stirred). He says he wants to use it to make a car. Considering the fact he is 5 years old, I think it’s more likely I’ll end up making a car for him.
Photo Oct 21, 3 37 07 PMPhoto Oct 21, 3 37 23 PM
Did you go to Rhinebeck? Have you been to other sheep and wool festivals? What did you pick up?

*nostepinne is a wooden rod used for winding center pull balls of yarn

**lucets are used to make lucet cord. It’s fun, and I’ve made a necklace of braided lucet cord before.