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I was walking my son to a friend’s house down the street yesterday. It was a bit chilly, and I was thinking it would be perfect if I had a pair of fingerless gloves to wear.

fingerless knit glove pattern

The Bradford Fingerless Gloves are knit. For more info click here.

Why do I like fingerless gloves:

  1. Fingerless gloves are great for intermediate weather. In colder climates use them in autumn and spring; in warmer climates they can even work in winter.
  2. Fingerless gloves give your fingers mobility while keeping your hand warm. It’s much easier to dig for a key in your purse or undo a clasp or buckle when your fingers are free.
  3. Making fingerless gloves is a great introduction to glove construction. Get an idea of how gloves are made, but without having to fiddle with knitting or crocheting each individual finger. (Much fewer ends to weave in this way.)
  4. Fingerless gloves can be quick. Cold today? You can be rockin’ a new pair of fingerless gloves tomorrow. (Choose sport or dk weight yarn to up the quick factor.)

    fingerless crochet glove pattern

    The Petali crocheted gloves come with the pattern for a matching hat. Click here for more info.

If you haven’t made fingerless gloves before, give it a try. And if you had made them before…well, you can always use another pair 🙂