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There are certain parts of designing that I love, like coming up with a new idea and finishing a project. However, I think the coolest part is seeing finished project photos of items other people have made from my designs.

When Barbara tweeted her photo of a finished Ridged Whirl Hat, I got more than just the usual warm, fuzzy feeling though- I got a life lesson.

Barbara’s Ridged Whirl Hat. Photo courtesy of Barbara.

What really amazed me was that Barbara tweeted that she had to try 6 times to get it right. My first reaction was to ask her what she had trouble with- I wanted to know so I could help and see what difficulties others might have. My second reaction was admiration.

Barbara tried again and again till she got it. I am awed by her perseverance. I think that’s an amazing character trait to have. So many people, myself included, can get easily frustrated by a set back. It’s easy to just throw up our arms and declare “it’s not happening” and give up. But what I saw in Barbara’s post was a great reminder that the only thing standing between you (or me) and success is the willingness to keep trying. That’s true for crochet patterns and anything in life.  Barbara, thank you for your project photo and thank you even more for showing us all

PS: By the way, if you ever get stuck on a Poetry in Yarn pattern, e-mail me at I’m always happy to help.

PPS: Barbara tweeted the next day that she’s working on a second Ridged Whirl Hat!