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The temperature around here has started dropping- a sure sign that autumn is upon us. I read once that the fastest way to raise or lower your body temperature is to eat or drink something hot or cold. I guess it’s no surprise then that as soon as it starts getting cool I start craving hot drinks. Although I do love coffee and a cup of Earl Grey, herbal teas have long been my favorite. Not only do they have wonderful flavors, but the I see the lack of caffeine as a plus.
Twinnings Lemon Ginger – I’ve tried several herbal teas from Twinnings, and found most of them to be disappointing. The one exception is the Lemon Ginger- a new favorite of mine. I like lemon tea and this has a nice bite of ginger flavor added in.

Tazo Sweet Orange – I’ve enjoyed this tea since my college days. I had one class that was particularly boring, so I’d stop off for a cup of this tea and the school paper on the way there. Then I’d sit in the back, drink my tea, and alternate between taking notes and doing the daily crossword puzzle.

Celestial Seasonings is perhaps THE name in herbal teas. They make really great quality products*. If you are looking at exploring the herbal tea world, try some of theirs. One of my favorites is a holiday tea they make called Candy Cane Lane. A box of it came in a fruit basket someone sent my mother-in-law, and I absconded with the tea. It was delightful, and I look forward to picking up some more. Celestial Seasonings tea bags are not individually wrapped. Although this is great for the environment, it makes them tough to travel with. One day airlines will have an herbal tea option, but until then I bring my own.

What do you start craving when cool weather comes around?


*There are only two Celestial Seasonings products I have ever tried that I didn’t like. One is the Blueberry tea. It just didn’t have enough blueberry flavor to it. The other was Honey Vanilla Chamomile. I tried it on a lark, and, well, yuck. I understand that individual tastes differ, so if you like the Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea, send me your address and I’ll gladly mail you the box I have. Otherwise it’ll just sit on a shelf here forever.