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The new school year has started, and I’m teaching part time. Although I’m keeping most of my stuff in my classroom, there are some things that have to come home with me at night and go back to school the next day. The items, like homework to grade and my lesson plan book, are big enough to not comfortably fit in my purse, but few enough to make a work briefcase bag overkill. Really I just need a small bag.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. (I tend to kind of obsess over the perfect bag for things.) Really, the perfect thing would be a canvas tote bag that is about 11 to 12 inches wide and not much more than 12 inches tall.

Now, it occurred to me during this search, that I could just make my own. I can buy the fabric, sew one exactly the size I want, and then paint on a design. As I was mentally planning out all the steps I came to realization – I don’t want to. Yes, it’s great to be able to craft and make exactly what you want, but the thought of doing the work on this project left me feeling exhausted and not excited. I’m just going to buy one.

That’s my lesson for this week, sometimes it’s ok to buy something even if you could make it yourself. Crafting should be a joy and a pleasure; it should help you avoid therapy, not have a small breakdown.So I’m giving myself permission to just buy a tote bag.

(If you are looking for a knitting or crochet project that can be a pleasure, you can check out the new