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I’ve never, in my life, been a morning person. I could happily sleep till at least 10 am, if not noon. While my daughter is the same way, my son is not. The first ray of sunshine over the horizon seems to wake him up every morning. Although not my natural state, being forced to wake up earlier has it’s benefits. It’s not just that it’s a great excuse for a cup of tea or a hot coffee drink (mocha, anyone?). The early part of the morning* has its own mood and ambiance. The dew on the grass and the birds starting their singing give it a laid back feel, while the hustle of getting the kids ready for school and the noises from cars beginning their commute signal the promise of a full day ahead.

This morning, when my kids wanted to play outside a full 40 minutes before the bus was due to come, I crocheted on the front porch while I watched them. It was nice to just take in the early  morning scene and get a little progress made on my project.

view from front porch while I crochet

The view from my front porch as I crochet and watch the kiddos.

Are you an early morning person? Do you find your morning routines energizing or relaxing? Is there any crochet or knitting involved? Leave a comment and let me know.

*When I say early part of the morning I mean around 6-8am. I know there are many people who would consider sleeping till 6 to be sleeping in, but hey, it’s all relative.