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I read a mystery novel once where the protagonist, a detective, claimed that he often was able to find vital clues to crimes by looking outside the perimeter of a crime scene. He said that the first police officers on the scene would rope off the area with crime scene tape based on whatever was convenient. If there was a light pole or a fence nearby they would use that to hold up the tape. Consequently, areas that were important got overlooked because they were just a foot or two past the roped off light pole.

I don’t know whether that’s true for police cases, but I know that a lot of times in live we are roped into a certain area. It may not be with yellow crime scene tape, but something -ourselves or someone else- has given us the expectation that to solve a problem we must stay within the roped off yellow square. When we realize that, and start looking past that area, we can accomplish amazing things.

Have you ever looked beyond the prescribed area and discovered something?


PS: I’m now reading through the A Song of Fire and Ice (Game of Thrones) Series. What books are you reading?