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Stitches Midwest is starting soon. I’ve never gone to Midwest as I’m located in Connecticut. About a month ago a friend asked me if I wanted to drive up with her. A yarn filled road trip? Sure! Until I checked the calendar. Stitches Midwest (and the trip) would fall right smack in the middle of my mother’s trip to visit us. My mother doesn’t get to visit very often, and missing half of her time with us seemed wrong. Having learned the art of the Jewish guilt trip, I called my mom up and told her that I loved her so much that I was going to miss out on huge amounts of yarny goodness. She was appropriately touched, and we agreed to hit a local yarn store in my area to help make up for not going to Stitches.

The local yarn store I went to was Creative Fibers, located in Windsor Locks, CT (very close to Hartford). It’s a friendly store with great lighting and layout to take in all the yarn available. On this trip I picked up two project bags and a skein of yarn. One project bag was the Blue Sky Alpacas Pretty Cheap Project Bag with a pretty pink bird screen print on it. I have one with oranges birds on it already, and I’ve used it a lot. I also got a Della-Q Edict Project Bag. This one says “Sock Project” on it. I have a sock project coming up, and I figure the pretty bag will make it all the more fun. Finally I picked up a skein of Cascade Yarns Epiphany. If you like soft yarn, you’ll love this! It’s a royal alpaca, cashmere, and silk blend. (swoon)
Been to any yarn stores lately? What did you pick up or want to get? Will you be at Stitches Midwest this weekend?