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I’m looking at getting a new vehicle. In addition to concerns about cost and safety ratings, I’m considering how to best yarnify my new ride. I could crochet a steering wheel cover or maybe mount a yarn swift on the back. Ok, my husband would probably veto that last one. Point is, I’m so into yarn, that there must be some way to carry that over to my vehicle.

The quickest way to display a love of yarn/crochet/knitting is with a window decal or bumber sticker. I found tons of awesome choices on CafePress this morning. Here are a few of my favorites:

Got Yarn? This is a classic…although I had to look close to realize the r was in the shape of a gun. Probably not the best choice considering recent events.

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn – a lovely British take off. very appropriate with the London Olympics in full swing.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Knit Drunk – I don’t know about you, but I must be fully sober AND caffeinated to tackle that lace project.

Warning – This Vehicle Stops at All Yarn Stores Love that the hazard symbol has a ball of yarn.

Veni Vidi Acubus Texui (I came. I saw. I knitted.) Ok, technically acubus texui is something like “make fabric with needle”, but this one is still my favorite.