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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may remember this post about how I was so excited that my mother found me a tin of certified kosher mints. I was so excited about this, in fact, that while my mother has been traveling this summer, she has been picking up more mints for me wherever she finds them. I’ve now got quite a collection of mints and mint tins that will be great for carrying notions.
IMG_2899 (2)

I wanted to take the above photo to show you all, so I started looking for my camera. I found my camera, but the memory card was full. No problem! I bought a new memory card the other day! And I put it on my desk…somewhere on my desk.


Look at my clean(er) desk!

After 40 minutes, I had a clean desk but still no memory card. A little more rummaging around found it in my notions drawer, because of course memory cards go with scissors, tape measures and stitch markers.


The offending notions drawer.

So today’s moral is buy more mints and keep track of your electronic memory storage devices. The End.