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I was utterly horrified a couple of weeks ago to walk in to my local Target and discover that they had already started putting up the back-to-school supplies. “It’s barely July!” I exclaimed, numb with shock. The last thing I want to think about was going back to work (I teach math), when school had been out for less than a month.

Since then I’ve come across more and more school supply displays. Slowly, my denial at returning to school has been replaced by my love of office supplies. (I really do love office supplies. It’s weird. I know.)

The start of the back-to-school season also signals the ramp up of the knitting and crochet season. Knitting and crochet tend to be seasonal crafts. My husband doesn’t know that as I tend to spend every waking hour stitching (or at least that’s what he claims), but most people tend to taper off their knitting and crochet in the summer. The back-to-school August/September time period then, is when the knitters and crocheters really come out to play. Perhaps it’s the promise of cool weather (perfect for scarves), or the horror of realizing how many Christmas gifts you promised to knit.

Whatever the reason, I know I can handle the idea of going back to teaching a little better, knowing it’ll be paired with yarn and hook.

Are you a seasonal stitcher? Have you promised to make people gifts? When are your more active crochet and knitting seasons?