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I love project bags- love, Love, LOVE ’em. After a facebook conversation yesterday with Kelly of Shorty’s Sutures, I got to thinking about what would be in my truly ultimate project bag.

Noise Canceling Headphones – Ok, this one was Kelly’s idea. So you can crochet or knit in peace regardless of what’s around you.

Beer Drinking Hat with Straw – You know what I’m talking about, right? Those hats that hold a drink and have a straw leading down to your mouth. This way I can sip a tasty beverage while I stitch. I would opt for iced tea over beer though.

Laptop Stand – For holding either a pattern at reading height or perhaps an iPad playing something off of Hulu.

Footrest – For putting up those feet.

Emergency Phone – One of those red phones they have in all the military movies, except this phone would connect directly to someone who could answer all my crochet or knitting questions, like Edie Eckman. (Actually, my first thought was to store Edie in my project bag too, but I’m sure she has lots of other stuff to do so the phone would be a good compromise.)

Enchanted Yarn Needle – Able to weave in ends on it’s own.

And of course, this project bag would have Mary Poppins-like capacity (or one of Hermione Granger’s undetectable extension charms) so that everything can fit inside.

What would be in your ultimate project bag?