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They Don’t Have One
Even if you never plan on selling a single item online, you should still have a website for your store. More and more people look online for information. Having a basic website is an inexpensive way to help your customers find you. Plus, it’s giving your customers a way to easily spread the word about you and your store. These days “word of mouth” is just as easily “word of twitter/facebook/pinterest/email”.

It Doesn’t Look Professional
Your website may be the first impression a customer has of your store. Make sure it looks good. A good looking website doesn’t have to be an expensive website.

It’s Not Updated
Sometimes I do a Google search and find a website for a store. In bright, bold letters the website lists their new winter store hours. This would be great- except it’s currently July. If you are going to list seasonal information on your website, make sure it gets updated. You can easily have a word press based site set up that you can update yourself, or pay your webmaster a small amount to update the store hours, etc for you. Any professional web designer should be able to update your site in a timely fashion.

As a customer, what complaints do you have about websites or lack of websites for local stores?

Yarn store owners, what barriers do you come across when getting a website for your store? If you’d like more personalized advice, e-mail me at support (at) poetryinyarn (dot) com.