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While I was at TNNA in Columbus, Ohio, I volunteered to spend a half hour on the show floor passing out candy to welcome people. In addition to candy, someone had gotten buckeyes to pass out as well. Buckeyes are non-edible nuts from the buckeye tree. Some people refer to them as horse chestnuts. The minute I saw these little things I just KNEW I had to cover them with yarn.

The nice folks at Anzula let me take two little mini-skeins of lace weight yarn to use to yarn bomb the buckeyes.

As I was talking with my friend Alexandra we had the following conversation:
Me: I’m going to yarn bomb these buckeyes.
Alexandra: Those are going to be pretty small yarn bombs.
Me: Hmm. I’ll call them yarn grenades.

So I present to you my Buckeye Yarn Grenades in the hope that it will inspire you too to cover random items with yarn.
Have you yarn bombed before? If not, what do you think holds you back?