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TNNA food

From top to bottom: skillet cooked chicken with green beans and israeli whole wheat couscous; salad with a half salmon filet and asian style dressing; pasta salad with zuchinni and eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and turkey deli meat.

When I travel, I tend to take food with me. It’s part of the whole keeping kosher thing. There just aren’t that many kosher eateries out there, and it’s easier to take my food along than have to travel to the same one restaurant for every meal. It’s considerably cheaper too.

Here are my top tips for traveling with food:

  • If you are checking your bag with the food, you can use frozen gel packs to keep the food cool en route.
  • Cut tomatoes get soggy after a while and can kill an otherwise great meal. Use cherry tomatoes. They’ll stay fresh longer.
  • Use small condiment containers to keep salad dressing or dips separate from the foods they are meant to be eaten with. It’ll keep your salads crisp.
  • Pack meals with whole grains and protein to help keep you fuller longer.