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I bought a pair of sunglasses recently. Actually it’s the first time I’ve had sunglasses in about 9 years. To mark this momentous occasion I decided to crochet a sunglasses case.

The Yarn:
My friend Lisa had a yarn dying party at her house years ago where I dyed some Patton’s Classic Wool. Another friend, Jennifer, set up jar of dye to make a color wheel. With their help, I separated the yarn into little connected bundles and placed them in the the jars of dye. What I wound up with was a rainbow skein that went from color to color to color. I quite like it.

The Pattern:
This really was improvised. Using an H/8 hook, I started out with a basic single crochet circle. Once it was 30 stitches around, I worked even until the tube seamed long enough. (I knew felting would shrink it, so I made it about twice as wide as needed and several inches longer.) Towards the top, I made two loops. The long loop on one end can be passed through the short loop opposite it in order to close the case. The loops also make it easy to attach a carabiner clip for hooking onto a bag.

Before Felting

The Felting:
I felted this in my washing machine. It shrunk down to the perfect width, but it was still way too long. I cut off the bottom circle (you can do that once it’s felted), and sewed the bottom edge together with an extra piece of the same yarn. Then I felted it again so that the yarn I used to sew it shut would felt together with the bottom pieces to make it more secure. I like the look of the square bottom better and now it’s the perfect length.