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One of the signs of progress on a project is using up yarn. Here are some ideas for things to do with the yarn labels once you are done.

1. Yarn Label Box – I have a small photo box where I keep yarn labels from yarn I’ve used up. It’s neat to go through it sometimes and remember all those pretty skeins.

2. Scrapbook Album – Keep one label from each type of yarn used and put it in a scrapbook next to a picture of the item made with it. Not only will you be able to double-check care instructions for different projects, but it will be a wonderful memory book of your crafting to pass down the family.

3. Decoupage – Pay homage to your yarn crafting by using the yarn labels to decoupage a tray or jewelry box.

4. Trash – Yes, throwing the labels away is still a possibility. Especially if displaying them all will show your spouse exactly how much you have been spending on yarn.