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One of the news posts I read this weekend was about a group of knitters involved with the Olympics. Well, they tried to be involved with the Olympics.

The Woolsack group is arranging to have enough cushions knit so that every athlete can choose one to take home with them. They were going to have a stand at the Olympic Village Plaza where athletes could come choose the cushion they wanted. Then, they were informed that they could not have a stand there.

The general impression I’ve gotten from various online articles is that corporate sponsors were complaining- they spend way too much money on spots to be able to give athletes merchandise to let a group of kind-hearted knitters do the same for free.

You can read the full summary of the Woolsack attempts to distribute their cushions here.

Some blogs and online articles have been going around that give the impression that this means the cushions will not be distributed. But according to this update, the organizers of the Woolsack project are working extra hard to make sure these cushions get to athletes.

I’d like to express my approval for the Woolsack project and it’s organizers. They are working very hard to do a good thing, much harder than they should have to.

I’d also like to express my extreme disapproval for any corporate sponsor that may have complained. What I would really like to see is a corporate sponsor step-up and offer or sponsor a stand space to the Woolsack project. It’d be nice for a company to show that they understand that there is more to the Olympics than dollars and pounds.