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Today’s life lesson is brought to you by the letter P. Pansy starts with P.

Our property has a bit of an incline, and no matter what we’ve tried, getting grass to grow there has been nearly impossible. Despite our grass failings we do have two flower pots flanking our front door where my husband plants pansies each spring. Some years they do quite well; other years they get eaten up by caterpillars. In the fall, they start to die, and the flower pot is left alone  till the following spring.

When my husband was clearing out the flower pot in preparation for the new batch of pansies, he tossed some of the potting soil onto the ground. (Specifically, it was that incline where we can’t get grass to grow.) It turns out that some of last year’s pansies must have gone to seed, and the seeds been in that dirt he threw out, because now we have some random pansies growing in our yard. It’s rather nice 🙂
So today’s lesson: Do your best at what you can. You never know when your previous actions will bear seeds that bloom in a way you didn’t even expect.