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Any knitter or crocheter eventually does something with stripes. Whether it’s a scarf, hat, or cardigan, here are some fun stripe patterns to play with:

1. Harry Potter Stripes – Based off the movie scarves, either big thick rows or a pattern of (big thick block, small stripe, small stripe, small stripe).

2. Mirror Image Stripes – Have stripes get progressively smaller and then bigger again.

3. Birthday Stripes – For a person born on June 5th, 1982 the stripe sequence could be 6 rows, 5 rows, 1 row, 9 rows, 2 rows.

4. Math Stripes – Choose your favorite mathematical constant (pi, e, square root of 2) to determine your stripes. For example pi = 3.14159… so stripes would be 3 rows, 1 row, 4 rows, 1 row, 5 rows, 9 rows, …

5. Random Stripes – Use an online random number generator to determine your stripe pattern for you.