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This past Saturday was the Connecticut Sheep and Wool  Festival. Nacy Smith, of NLS Stitches, entered two crocheted garments for judging, and both were awarded ribbons. (Yeay, Nancy!) What has the local crocheters chuckling though, is that one of the pieces, a crocheted cable vest was actually judged in the knitting category. (You can see pictures of both projects here.) Nancy’s work is beautiful, and deserving of ribbons, and this whole episode reminds me of an exchange a friend of mine had when she brought a crocheted cable blanket into a local yarn store:

Customer: Oh what beautiful knitted cables!

Friend: Thank you, but actually they’re crocheted.

Customer: Oh no, honey, you knit them. You can’t crochet cables.

So just for the record- Yes, cables can be crocheted, and they are spectacular!