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How seasonal weather affects my craft:

> When I first looked into crochet and knitting I saw all of these scarf patterns. I lived in Texas at the time, where winter consists of 2 days that might hit the low 30s at night. I did not understand why there would be so many scarf patterns. Then I moved to Connecticut where I experienced 4-5 months of snow. Suddenly, I understood the need for scarf patterns.

> Every year I make my kids a new winter hat and/or scarf. I try to get it done by December. This is about the only way weather affects my personal crochet or knitting. Frankly, I don’t make many things for me or the family. Most stuff I do is for work.

> Magazines and yarn companies work on projects 6-12 months in advance. This means, in May, I will receive submission calls for both summer and winter objects. Close your eyes and try to picture the perfect winter sweater. Now close your eyes and try to picture the best airy summer wrap. Now open your eyes and be startled to see it’s spring outside. Yup. That messes with your mind.