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It’s seems like there’s not enough time (or money) to do all the crafting projects I want. Some of the things I want to do are:

1. Paint cocktail napkins – I have paints, and I have napkins; I just have to figure out what to paint on the napkins. I want to do something tea or coffee themed.

2. Something with a bright citrus motif – You know the stuff you see that looks like a circular slice or wedge of citrus fruit. I want to do something with that. Just not sure what.

3. Blanket for the family room – I want to knit a nice cabled blanket for the family room. Just waiting on the yarn.

I actually have a page in a notebook where I write down projects I want to do that I know won’t happen soon. It’s titled “Someday”. Every now and again I look back on it. If reading an item still gets me excited, I know I should try and make it happen. If I read another list item and my reaction is “meh”, then I figure it was just a passing fancy, and I can drop the idea without feeling guilty.