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Sometime I struggle to find something to write about and other times it’s as simple as looking at my twitter feed. Yesterday, Kim (@atknitsend) tweeted about how the instructor at a work training session asked her to stop knitting while he was lecturing. I’ve thought a lot in the past about stitching at meetings and I think my feelings really come down to 2 points:

Point 1: There is nothing wrong with knitting or crocheting during a meeting or class.
Knitting or crocheting is not a sign of disrespect. It’s just something we do. A lot. For many of us, it actually helps us to concentrate better by keeping us from getting fidgety.

Point 2: No non-stitcher seems to understand point 1.
They just don’t get it. When I came back from my first Professional Development Day at the annual Knit & Crochet Show, I told my husband how they had yarn out on the tables for us to work with. He was shocked we crocheted while speakers were talking. I told him we could all crochet and listen at the same time. It still weirded him out.

Unfortunately, my fear of Point 2 seems to outweigh my confidence in Point 1, and I find myself at many meetings twiddling my fingers and getting no crochet done.