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Sometimes I feel like it would be really nice to be able to see the future- to know when that check will come, whether I really should buy that extended warranty, and, yes, next week’s winning lotto numbers. But it occurred to me last night that seeing the future could have certain benefits for crocheters and knitters as well. For example:

1. How many balls of yarn does this project really need? Wouldn’t it be nice to know whether you really need that extra skein.

2. When will I finish this project? Yes, I plan on finishing it in a week or two, but if I knew in advance that it would wind up in hibernation for 4 months…well…

3. When will I need to rip out work? Wednesday evening I’ll discover a major mistake? No problem! I’ll spend all Tuesday putting in life lines every other row.

4. How will the finished item fit? Hmm…I guess I really should make one size larger.