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On Dr. Seuss’ birthday, my daughter’s class read the book The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. She loved it and was thrilled to find that we had a copy at home. For those who don’t recall, The Lorax is a tale told by the Once-ler, whose greed resulted in the destruction of an entire ecosystem.

It had been a while since I had read the book, and I was a bit horrified to see that the Once-ler’s business was knitting. He knitted sneeds (which everyone needs) using the tops of truffula trees.

I know Dr. Seuss was really trying to make a point about the attitude that “business is business”, but still, why did the bad guy in the story have to be a knitter?! We really do knit things that people need. (Although to be honest, my family never really “needed” a new hat and scarf each winter until I learned to crochet and knit.) Knitter’s certainly don’t pollute waterways with gloppity-glop. (Note to self: buy more yarns produced with eco-friendly dyes.) And we certainly don’t produce smog. (Another note to self: stop burning yarn to test for content.)

Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but wouldn’t it be more appropriate for an eco-destroying Once-ler to produce something truly evil- like tobacco, hallucinogenic drugs, or Apple i-products? Why, oh why, did he have to knit?! There really is only one way to make myself feel better. I must go buy lots of naturally produced, eco-friendly dyed yarn. Besides, unlike truffula trees, bamboo IS a renewable resource.