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This photo was taken after a heavy sprinkling of salt.

My Husband and I had a nice supper the other night of roasted duck, mashed potatoes, and spinach.

On Duck:

  • Duck tends to be very fatty. If you score the skin before cooking it allows excess fat to drip away.
  • Yes, I know the piece of duck on the plate looks mangled. That’s because I still haven’t figured out how to properly carve a bird.
  • For this duck, I used this recipe. I didn’t bother with the boiling water, and my duck was actually done in less than 2 hrs.
  • In the past I have used Alton Brown’s duck recipe. He steams the duck first to remove excess fat and then sears for crispy skin. I don’t follow his instructions for brining. Never brine a kosher bird.

On Spinach:

  • If you hate spinach, it’s probably because you’ve mainly had spinach that has been overcooked or come out of a can or freezer bag.
  • To properly cook spinach, throw it into a hot pan, and toss until it just starts to wilt. Turn off the stove and let the residual heat do the rest.
  • I let crushed garlic cook in a little duck fat in the pan before adding the spinach.