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At the end of a long day there is nothing I love more than to spend the evening crafting, except for maybe crafting while sitting or lying in bed. I have nothing against couches or chairs, but they just can’t compete with a fluffy pile of pillows. So, for today, I’ve decided to rate different crafts by how easy they are to do while lying or sitting in bed. On a scale of 1 to 5 pillows (1 pillow being not bed friendly, 5 pillows being easy to do in bed) they are:

Crochet and Knitting – 4.5 pillows
Generally easy to do while sitting in bed, with the exception of blocking- for that you have to get up. Oh and every single time it seems that the scissors are not nearby so I either have to get up or wait for my husband to pass by.

Sewing – 1 pillow
It’s possible to hand sew in bed, but if you want to break out the sewing machine, you’re going to be stuck at a table.

Needle Felting – 3.5 pillows
I tried my first attempt at needle felting last night. I did it at my desk with a rubber pad underneath. I think I could probably needle felt in bed using a lap desk, but I’m not sure if I’d get little bits of wool roving all over the bed.

Jewelry Making / Bead Stringing – 4.5 pillows
Important to have a lap desk or tray for this one to prevent little beads from going everywhere.

Do you agree with my rankings or no? Have any other crafts to add to the list?